The Invitations indicate the feeling of the event, and show a bit of your own personality through the Invitation itself.


By doing Custom Printing we can tailor make your invitations to your exact specifications, you can choose from various colours, textures, graphics and printed messages.





Normally the mass book consists of the first reading, responsorial psalm, second reading, the gospel, the marriage ceremony, the consent, blessing and exchange of the rings, prayers of the faithful, eucharistic prayer, and the nuptial blessing.


First reading, responsorial, psalm, second reading, and the gospel, has to be chosen by the couple with the wedding celebrant.


Prayers of the faithful can be written by the couple, a sample of the mass book should be presented to the celebrant.


A Thank you message at the end, mass songs and others also can be included.


Sample of the Mass Leaflets





Invitations, select a theme and the mood for your wedding and print all the wedding stationery in the same theme.



Try to create some ideas together so that the invitation will be more personal, print your favourite colour and design, be sure that the invitation set has your likes, your styles!



Invitations need to be sent out three weeks prior to your wedding date!



Have a friend or family member to re-check the sample or pre-press copy before giving the final approval.



Type or print the list of names with the appropriate titles: Mr., Mrs., Dr., Ms., Reverend, Captain, Fr., Messrs., Honorable, etc. before writing the invitations.



For guests over 18 and living with their parents, they have to receive their own invitation especially if they are relatives.



When inviting two people with different surnames, use both full names. Mr. A. Surname & Ms. B. Surname.



If you are inviting a single person invite him with a guest, this appears on the invitation: Mr. A. Surname and Guest.



Be sure to print some extra invitations, because of mistakes or adding guests in the last few weeks.